TrueKAST with QuickSaw Technology is utilized in long term care for the first time EVER!

Total Contact Cast

Wound Care Plus Makes History with the First Ever TrueKAST Total Contact Cast System Used in LTC

This case presented as an ongoing treatment of a Diabetic Foot Ulcer of the right heel that had been present for 2 years.  Wound Care Plus, LLC started treating the patient in November 2017.  Standard of care was implemented and followed which included calcium alginate, removal of non-viable tissue, and mitigation of underlying disease processes.  Additionally therapy was consulted for strength and mobility training.  Once the TrueKAST with Quicksaw Technology Total Contact Cast System was implemented the wound resurfaced in approximately 12 weeks.  The wound remains closed at this time. 

The TrueKAST Total Contact Cast System is manufactured by WoundKAIR Concepts. To learn more about this company click below!

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Hydrolyzed Collagen

Wound Care Plus Prevents Unnecessary Surgery by Utilizing Hydrolyzed Collagen

Client presented with a Stage 4 pressure ulcer to the right zygomatic (cheek) bone status post cerebral infarction with hemiplegia.  Client was scheduled for plastic surgery consult for potential surgical repair.  Standard of care using moist wound healing principles had been utilized without significant progress.  CellerateRX (a hydrolyzed collagen) was initiated on 3/26/2018 with complete resolution of the Stage 4 pressure ulcer just 5 weeks later.  Wound was discharged off caseload after 100% epithelial tissue was established and plastic surgery consult was cancelled.  

CellerateRX is part of the WNDM wound portfolio. Click below to learn more about this product and others that WNDM has to offer.

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Estrogen Deficiency

A Long Standing Case of Wrong Diagnosis with an Easy Solution and Short Heal Time

This case presented with a rash for the last year or more.  Previous treatments included moisture barrier, anti-fungal, various brief trials, good pericare without significant changes.  A punch biopsy was performed in October 2017. Results were negative for malignancy and positive for telangiectasia with sparse peri-vascular mononuclear cell infiltrate.  Patient was subsequently started on estrogen cream and anti-fungal ointment simultaneously.  Rash resolved in 3 weeks and patient was discharged off caseload with 100% resolution of symptoms and complaints.