Advanced Wound Clinic Specialty Providers

Advanced Wound Clinic Specialty Providers

Advanced Wound Clinic Specialty ProvidersAdvanced Wound Clinic Specialty ProvidersAdvanced Wound Clinic Specialty Providers

We are Advanced Wound Specialists trained to diagnose wound and skin issues while recommending treatments to aid healing.

Educational Opportunities

We believe training and education is the heart of healthcare.  We encourage everyone to participate in our live training sessions.

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Why Wound Care Plus?

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As our name implies, we are more than an advanced wound care specialty group. The PLUS means our skilled and caring wound specialists can treat anyone with a wound or skin issue at almost any location including hospitals, outpatient wound centers, long term care, skilled nursing facilities, or assisted living.  We bring advanced wound care, PLUS clinical excellence and education for clients, families, caregivers, medical staff, and managers alike.  

Based on our own experience in healthcare treating and managing wounds, we founded Wound Care Plus.  We identified a great need for appropriate wound care that should cover the entire spectrum of healthcare. We recognize the challenges of getting access to quality wound specialists so we come to you.

Our locations


We serve Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma in the Midwest.  The locations our advanced wound specialists provide services to include long term care/skilled nursing facilities, acute care hospitals, and assisted living facilities.  Call to confirm if you are in our service area.

Our foundation


Wound Care Plus is a health care company operated by health care people! Our experience and commitment to excellence will help you provide better and more complete care. We believe proper, direct treatment is vital. On-going care and prevention is essential to good health and healing. That’s why we provide wound care education, training, documentation, and consultation for wound care programs and quality assurance reviews.

Advanced Modalities On-Site

Differential Diagnostics

advanced wound care specialist treatment center Kansas City St Louis Wichita Springfield Columbia

From Ankle Brachial Index studies for assessing blood flow to biopsies for advanced disease process diagnostics, our advanced wound specialists ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical Research Studies

Clinical Trials Research FDA NIH IRB Sterling

Our clinic teams study FDA approved dressings or drugs used in wound healing and document how well they work.  Clinical research is needed ongoing to benefit all people with wounds.

Painless Skin Grafting

Epidermal Autograft Acelity Cellutome Autologous Wound KCI advanced wound care specialist treatment

Chronic wounds stall out and sometimes need a boost. For wounds that qualify we offer a painless scar-free option called epidermal autografting to speed-up wound healing.  

Total Contact Cast

advanced wound care specialist treatment center Kansas City St Louis Wichita Springfield Columbia

Total Contact Casting has been the gold standard for appropriate offloading for decades however the industry moved away from that standard by adding components such as boots or shoes. TrueKast has no requirement of a boot or a shoe and because of the attached walking surface, this system enhances compliance while wearing a TCC encouraging appropriate offloading for wound healing. No cast saw required making this perfect for mobile wound clinics operated by wound specialists.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Advanced Wound Modality advanced wound care specialist treatment Kansas Cit

Platelet rich plasma (commonly referred to as PRP) is blood that is spun down and separated producing concentrated platelets. Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood which have potential to enhancing healing. Studies suggest that growth factors released by platelets recruit reparative cells, possibly augmenting tissue repair accelerating tissue healing.  

Bacterial DNA Testing

DNA testing, infection control, antibiotic stewardship, reduce antibiotic usage, antibiotic,bacteria

MicroGen DX offers Wound Care Specialists Next-Gen Sequencing, a superior diagnostic tool over culture and PCR detection methods.  Our High Complexity Laboratory extracts the DNA of all the microbes within a sample and matches those sequence codes to all 25,000+ known microbial species with a 99.9% accuracy rate.  When you get precise data of the causative microbes you can have confidence in your clinical treatment plan while raising your level of care with a higher standard of antibiotic stewardship.   Truly targeted antimicrobial treatments can clear the infection faster.

Beyond On-site Service

Quality Assurance Assistance

advanced wound care specialist treatment center Kansas City St Louis Wichita Springfield Columbia

Our Quality Assurance Assistance helps our clients stay up to date with best practice standards and national regulations to ensure positive outcomes for the clients they service.

Training and Education

advanced wound care specialist treatment center Kansas City St Louis Wichita Springfield Columbia

We offer training and education for corporations, regionally for all buildings, webinars, and a variety of conferences and conventions.  Watch our website or other social media outlets for an upcoming event that meets your needs.

Insurance Payors

Humana Aetna Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Cigna Medicare Medicaid United Healthcare Essence TriNet

We accept many different payors, private pay, Medicare, Medicaid, self pay, indigent, payment plans, etc. Questions? Call us.

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