Five Star Affiliates

Angelini Pharma Inc


Established in the early 20th century, Angelini Pharma Inc. has grown to become an international player in the healthcare field.  As Angelini Pharma Inc., we have one of the highest quality and most comprehensive product ranges in the chronic wound, infection control and dialysis healthcare market. Our mission is to meet our customers’ day-to-day needs with effective, reliable and high-quality products that are widely available and accessible. This goal is expressed through a clear vision:  to be the physician’s first choice of product for their patients’ needs and well being. 

Bridge Healthcare Consulting



The VALUE of Bridge Health Care Consulting, LLC: Our Programs Re-Design care to impact clinical and financial outcomes in the area of Wound Management. Our Programs help you implement simple Bed-Side tools that Standardize the pathway of care, creating consistency thru the Continuum of Care.   

This consistency creates predictability to your Outcomes allowing you to integrate a Comprehensive Program that delivers PROVEN RESULTS in the area of Wound Care.

WNDM Medical Inc


With our focus on improving patient outcomes with evidenced-based healing solutions, WNDM Medical Inc. develops, markets and distributes biotechnology products to physicians, hospitals, clinics and all post-acute care settings. We are constantly seeking long-term strategic partnerships with a focus on products that produce more efficacious outcomes at a lower overall cost. Our primary products are sold in the North American advanced wound care and surgical tissue repair markets. WNDM Medical sells and distributes CellerateRX® Surgical Activated Collagen® Adjuvant and HemaQuell® Resorbable Bone Hemostat. 

Ergo Midwest, Inc

NPWT DME Negative pressure wound therapy durable medical equipment low airloss mattress wheelchair

It is the mission of Ergo Midwest, Inc. to work in concert with the companies we serve to provide the most advanced, clinically efficient medical equipment available. Ours is a role of enhancement; an adjunct to the professional care givers therapeutic protocols.

It is also our purpose to assist in cost containment by providing equipment that allows for you to provide your patients’ needs at the lowest cost while ensuring positive outcomes.

We do and always will provide a complete line of durable medical equipment that ensure positive outcomes through scientific research for your residents and patients.

Impact Medical

medical wound dressings npwt wound vac negative pressure wound therapy surgical supplies catheter

 Impact Medical is an innovative Durable Medical Equipment provider. We specialize in Negative Pressure wound therapy, Lymphedema pumps, and Part B wound care supplies. We not only provide the equipment our team of clinical experts have developed a program to increase heal times and take the "Negative" out of negative pressure. Let us show you the difference we can make! 

Integral Computer Consultants


We're a group of friendly folks who love computers and technology.  We offer personal, polite, easy-to-understand service to help you navigate the ins and outs of today's computers and technology.

We teach you what you want to learn by providing repairs, setup, training and follow-up with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions designed to help you get more from your digital life.  

We also offer Protection Plans for complete peace of mind.  Other tech support companies focus on fixing technology.  We focus on supporting people who use technology.

Therapy Zone Rehab Services



Therapy Zone coordinates care with specialty providers, resulting in High-Quality Outcomes necessary to improve patient conditions. Our process allows delivery of better care while promoting growth for our clients. Our solutions benefit clients in several ways:

•Re-admission prevention

•Development of growth strategies to position clients for expansion

•Identifying areas to lower costs  

•Improved retention among key personnel  

•Efficient billing processes

•Outcome based solutions for patients with chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes)   

•Telehealth for rural and urban settings  

•Wound management with innovative treatment options

Associations and Organizations

Kansas Adult Care Executives


Kansas Adult Care Executives (KACE) is the only professional association dedicated to serving the unique needs of the Adult Care Executive.  KACE is the Association that examines the issues and challenges of the long-term care industry from the administrator's perspective.  KACE is dedicated to providing the education, skills, and information the professional administrator needs to stay ahead in our rapidly changing field. 

Kansas Health Care Association


The Kansas Health Care Association (KHCA) is a statewide non-profit association that represents over 200 long-term care providers. Founded in 1951, KHCA is the largest association of its kind in Kansas. Its members are composed of for-profit and not-for-profit facilities consisting of nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities for mental health, intermediate care facilities for the intellectually diabled, and hospital-based long term care units.

Mid-America Wound Healing Society

Wichita wound healing society chronic professionals multidisciplinary knowledge Kansas prevention

The Mid-America Wound Healing Society is a group that was formed to address the issues of those who suffer from chronic wounds. The goal of this society is to support wound care professionals as they work to decrease the rate of complications from chronic wounds, speed wound healing and enhance the quality of life for these individuals.  As a professional, multidisciplinary organization, the society will provide a local forum for exchange of knowledge pertaining to the practice of chronic wound prevention and healing.

Missouri Association of Nursing Home Administrators

MANHA Missouri Association of Licensed Nursing Home Administrators

MANHA is distinctive because its target membership, is the nursing home administrator. Its entire mission is its commitment to providing a professional organization of and for Long term care Administrators who are dedicated to providing a quality of care for the elderly and disabled of our state. We strive to be a strong, vital and knowledgeable resource for the long-term care administrators of the state. The administrator’s support network in a climate of high-turnover, high frustration and rapid changes. The organization has modified its original founding principal for education to include the provision of “Quality/Valuable” education. Additionally the organization attempts to promote issues of pertinence to its membership and to voice members concerns to all regulatory and political agencies.

Missouri Health Care Association

Missouri Health Care Association

The Missouri Health Care Association is Missouri's largest association of licensed, long term health care facilities, residential care facilities and assisted living facilities.  The Missouri Health Care Association is dedicated to improving quality of life for the residents of long term care.
With nearly 320 facility members, MHCA represents over sixty-five percent of Missouri's licensed skilled nursing care facilities along with many residential care and assisted living facilities.  There are also over 160 health care related businesses and organizations that are associate members of MHCA; they contribute greatly to the success of this association. 

Post-Acute Care Symposium


Regardless of the post-acute care setting, long-term acute care, skilled nursing, home or hospice, finding the optimal pathway to managing and treating wound and incontinence issues for patients/residents has become ever more challenging. The Post-Acute Care Symposium is designed exclusively to provide nurses the tools they need to meet today’s day-to-day challenges with a curriculum that focuses on the strategies necessary for implementing clinical practice guidelines, protocols, and care pathways for wound and incontinence interventions.